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E-mail: Curtis.Caldwell@sunnybrook.ca

Curtis Caldwell

Dr. Caldwell was born in 1960 in Nova Scotia and is still not dead.

Following an idyllic childhood during which his autistic tendencies were indulged, he obtained an a B.Sc.(Honours) in Physics from Acadia University, an M.Sc.(A) in Medical Physics from McGill and a Ph.D. in Medical Biophysics from the University of Toronto.

He initially took a position as a Nuclear Medicine physicist for the Hamilton Civic Hospitals, where he reaped the benefits of the hospital caste system (i.e., not having to pay the dispensing fee to pharmacists for prescription drugs because he was a "doctor").

Late in 1990, Dr.  Caldwell was recruited back to Toronto, this time as a Radiation Physicist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. Since 1990, Caldwell has slowly fossilized in  place, currently devoting much of his time to ensuring Sunnybrook does not fall afoul of pesky radiation safety regulations  while occasionally doing research related to automated targeting for radiation treatment of cancer using combined PET/CT imaging, brain imaging for dementia and stroke, and the general application of computer-aided analysis  techniques to medical problems.

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